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Have you been mis- sold?

Have you been mis- sold?

The majority of our customers weren't aware they were mis sold there car finance until our experts checked their finance agreements.

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You could be owed £1000’s - with agreements affected dating back to 2007.

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Mis-selling costing customers 300m *source FCA*

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The FCA estimates that a typical mis-sold motor finance agreement of £10,000 can result in the customer paying around £1,100 more in interest charges*

We work on a No Win, No Fee Basis

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Have you been mis-sold?

Find out if you have been mis-sold your car finance deal now & if you are eligible to claim!

We work on a No Win, No Fee Basis

Interest rate

Brokers/Dealerships had discretion to set the interest rate. The Higher the interest the higher the commission they received

Undisiclosed commissions

Brokers/Dealerships we're legally obliged to disclose the commission they earnt from the sale of finance in a clear and conscise manner

Limited options

Brokers/Dealerships often co-erced clients into signing into agreements that were most financially attractive to them as opposed to providing clients with clear options

No outline

Clients weren’t advised of the options available to them and we're often swayed to the product most financially beneficial to the dealer/broker

We work on a No Win, No Fee Basis

Agreements we can help with:

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Mis-sold PCP car finance agreements

Find out more about mis-sold PCP and if you
have been a victim Find out more

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Mis-sold HP car finance agreements

Find out more about mis-sold HP agreements and if you have been a victim Find out more

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What happens after I submit my claim?

The fCA are now investigating all mis-sold car finance claims, Clients can expect updates on their PCP claims after the FCA concludes its investigation, currently scheduled for 25 September 2024. submitting your claim as soon as possible is advisable. Acting now reduces the risk of missing out due to any future deadlines imposed following the FCA's final report.

Our No Win No Fee guarantee

No win no fee arrangements take the risk out of making a claim, because you don’t pay anything if you lose your case.

Your solicitor may need to take out special legal protection insurance for you, which pays the costs if your claim fails, and ensures claiming is risk free. The cost of this is only taken if you win your case. You’ll never have to pay anything upfront and there are no hidden charges, so you’ll never be out of pocket. You do not need to use a claims management company to make a PCP claim you can do this yourself for free by contacting the car dealership or finance provider and if that is not successful you can complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Don’t just take our word for it


Easy and painless process

Nicola was very pleasant on the phone and informative answering all questions. Process was all very easy and talked you though it.

Benjamin Ayres

Great service and very Simple

What can I say other than this process has been so simple. I registered my interest online leaving my name and contact number. The following day I received a call from a very friendly lady called Nicola Dean who explained the process in simple terms and what aas required from me which by the way was very little. Great friendly service so far. PCP Claims and their lawyer will now work their magic. Thanks guys.

Sean & Nic

Heard about PCP claims on a ticktok I…

Heard about PCP claims on a ticktok I was abit sceptical but decided to contact them and glad I did was very helpful got all the information I needed and Nicole was lovley to speak to over the phone. There was no hassling or constant calls. Would recommend if you need this service.

Amie-Leil Fowler

FCAs findings on mis-sold car finance in March 2019

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Customers are paying significantly more for their motor finance because of the way lenders choose to remunerate their brokers/Dealers

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We found that these incentives have significant effects on the cost of motor finance for consumers

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We have particular concerns in relation to disclosure of commission

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Out of 90% of the retailers mystery shopped by the FCA, only 11 told their customers that the dealership might receive commission for arranging the deal

Source: www.fca.org.uk/publication/multi-firm-reviews/our-work-on-motor-finance-final-findings.pdf

Frequently asked questions

If you have taken out car finance in the past 10 years and been charged over 5.9% interest, the chances are that you have been mis-sold
Interest rates we're at the discretion of the dealer/broker, meaning the higher the interest rate charged the higher the commission the dealer/broker received, clients were also not made aware of the commission incentive that they we're receiving for this
Compensation is dependant on the interest rate, loan amount and length of time you were paying the loan, Contact us for a free no obligation consultation, one of claims handlers will be able to run through everything in more detail.
In 2019 the FCA were concerned that about the way commission arrangements were operating in motor finance and that is has lead to harm on a significant scale
This is dependant on the lender, some of our claims can settle in as little as a couple of month some can take over a year, it is best to get your claim submitted sooner rather than later.