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What is the criteria for making a claim?

If you have taken out car finance in the past 10 years and been charged over 5.9% interest, the chances are that you have been mis-sold

How have I been mis-sold

Interest rates we're at the discretion of the dealer/broker, meaning the higher the interest rate charged the higher the commission the dealer/broker received, clients were also not made aware of the commission incentive that they we're receiving for this

What a mount compensation will I receive?

Compensation is dependant on the interest rate, loan amount and length of time you were paying the loan, Contact us for a free no obligation consultation, one of claims handlers will be able to run through everything in more detail.

How has mis-sold car finance come about?

In 2019 the FCA were concerned that about the way commission arrangements were operating in motor finance and that is has lead to harm on a significant scale

How long until I receive my compensation

This is dependant on the lender, some of our claims can settle in as little as a couple of month some can take over a year, it is best to get your claim submitted sooner rather than later.

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